Hulk Hogan Addresses Past Racist Comments

The Hulkster has spoken about the 2015 controversy

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan has addressed his previous racist comments, including using the N-word multiple times to describe his daughter Brooke's then-boyfriend.

Audio of Hogan making the shocking comments was leaked in July 2015, resulting in WWE temporarily severing ties with him. He was serving as a judge on the show Tough Enough at the time.

Referencing the scandal during a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Hogan told host Ariel Helwani: 

"There was a temporary situation where I thought, okay, where is this going to end up at? Where is this going to wind down? Where is the legacy? At the end of the day, there had been so much goodwill, you know, with the Hulk Hogan brand and people knew me so well. I mean I've been around for forty years and people know me so well from Mike Tyson, Brutus Beefcake to Vince McMahon, Verne Gagne to Bret Hart, everybody knows me so well that they knew I would come back and I would become the person that I was. 

"There was a temporary situation with the surgeries, some of the racial stuff that went down. That was a speed bump but that's not who I was, and everybody knew that. So, it was a tough time but the main thing that really got me over the past 10 years was the surgeries that was the thing that was in question when you come out of a back surgery and someone tells you you're never going to walk again. That will really screw your head up. The rest of the stuff, I had a bunch of people on my side, I had a huge support system and people that knew me stuck with me and it's just been amazing to see how the fans have stayed with me".

The 69-year-old was welcomed back into the fold with WWE in 2018 and has made sporadic appearances since.

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