Hulk Hogan Runs Out Of Toilet Paper, Tweets About It

Hulk Hogan was straining for some toilet paper on Wednesday evening

It was the irresistible force meeting the immovable object. 

Hulk Hogan found himself in an incredible predicament on Wednesday afternoon while the WWE Hall of Famer was hulking out a number two on the toilet. During his time on the lavatory, Hogan suddenly tweeted "Help" at 5:37 pm ET and after desperation set in over the next 13 minutes, Hogan tweeted again, writing: "I ran out of toilet paper brother, help!!!!!!!!"

Hogan seemingly did eventually receive some toilet paper as he has since deleted the tweets about his lack of the beautiful white product. We could not confirm if the toilet paper was brought to him by Jimmy Hart, Brutus Beefcake, or The Nasty Boys. Hogan's rumoured Scientologist girlfriend Sky Daily may have been on-hand to help if she was at Hogan's home at the time, though. 

Following the toilet incident, Hogan took to Twitter again, posting a photo of himself alongside Diamond Dallas Page, Ted DiBiase, Madusa, Jimmy Hart, and IRS backstage at the WWE Raw is XXX show on January 23. Hogan opened the show with Jimmy Hart, welcoming fans to Monday Night Raw. 

Hopefully The Hulkster won't take to Twitter if he ever has trouble with a Jimmy Riddle. 

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