"I Gotta Pay Four Guys For One F**king Match" - Freddie Prinze Jr Reveals Vince McMahon's Thoughts On Tag Team Wrestling

Vince wasn't a fan, it seems

Freddie Prinze Jr has recalled Vince McMahon taking exception to tag team wrestling in WWE, complaining that he had to pay four wrestlers for 'one f**king match'.

Prinze Jr was attempting to put a spotlight on the tag team division back in the late 2000s and was eager to get Harry Smith & TJ Wilson over as a duo, as well as The Usos. 

However, the former WWE writer remembers WWE Chairman McMahon changing his perspective on the business by telling him how a tag team match meant double the pay-out.

Speaking on his Wrestling With Freddie podcast, he said: ""I connected with Harry a lot and I really want to get him and TJ (Wilson) over. I worked hard to do it. I failed those boys. I never got over that. I failed The Usos too.

"Tag team wrestling is tough. I remember Vince, I was working so hard on building up a tag team division and Vince said, 'Freddie, I gotta pay four guys for one f**king match.' I kind of went, 'Oh.' I had never looked at it like that.

"It's show business. I was in charge of the Colon Brothers, I named Primo, that was my name. It kind of changed my perspective on things and the way I approached storylines. I couldn't pitch for as much anymore."

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