Ilja Dragunov Couldn't Sleep Following WWE NXT TakeOver 36

Dragunov finally lifted the NXT UK Championship at the event

WWE NXT TakeOver 36 was a monumental night, that produced one of the matches of the year as Ilja Dragunov toppled WALTER for the NXT UK Championship.

The adrenaline rush must have been a major high, and as Dragunov told The Metro, it took a while for him to calm down post-match:

“The moment where it actually happened - it was a bit of time until the adrenaline went down. But I remember coming back to my hotel room, completely not able to sleep - and I was extremely tired, my body was completely sore. I couldn’t sleep because I had so many different thoughts in my mind. The whole payoff to it, how it all came together being at TakeOver, getting this kind of attention from the people getting this reaction to what we did. Coming to this match, with the thought in my mind to bring an even more intense performance than that first match – and it all went so well. We were able to do something special again, it was just incredible. I can’t even explain the thoughts on this, because it was a complete mixture of everything.”

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