IMPACT Hard To Kill 2023 Results

All the action from IMPACT Hard to Kill 2023

Friday the 13th couldn’t have been more of a fitting date for IMPACT, as they hosted their first PPV event of 2023 with a blood spattered Hard to Kill airing live from Atlanta, Georgia.

With several title matches on the main card, as well as a main event pitting Mickie James’ career against Jordynne Grace’s Knockouts Championship, it was for sure an action packed night, filled with broken tables, shock appearances, and the conclusion of the ‘Last Rodeo’.

Read on for all the results from IMPACT Hard to Kill 2023:

Kushida def. Angels, Delirious, ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey, Mike Jackson, & Yuya Uemura - Countdown to Hard to Kill Pre-show

No Bhupinder Gujjar, with ROH alumnus Delirious taking his place in this match. To no-one’s surprise this was a fast and frenetic affair, with action spilling to the floor as the bell rang. Everyone had their chance to shine, including the veteran Mike Jackson who hit a suicide dive at the ripe old age of 73 before The Design’s Angels went on a suplex spree. As Mike Bailey went to the top rope looking for the win he was shoved to the floor by Kenny King, leaving it wide open for Kushida to get the win on Angels with a top rope Spanish Fly into an armbar.

Trey Miguel (c) def. Black Taurus - X Division Championship - Countdown to Hard to Kill Pre-show

A change of plans, as the X Division Title match took place on the pre-show instead of the Knockouts trios match.

After suckering Taurus into a false sense of security, Miguel peppered the Decay heavy hitter with multiple dropkicks after feigning fear of the lucha bull. An early Meteora attempt was almost disastrous for Miguel as he was caught by Taurus, but the X Division Champ weathered the storm, fighting back and coming close to a three after a pop-up Samoan Drop.

Miguel went for a dive from the ramp into the ring but it was Taurus’ turn to hit a Samoan Drop, planting Miguel mid-air for a two of his own. Taurus gathered momentum hitting a huge pounce and a nasty elevated backbreaker, but Miguel would not stay down, hitting a flowing sunset flip powerbomb on Taurus from a tope. Back in the ring a big Meteora got Miguel a two, but a follow up manoeuvre from the top rope saw Miguel get avalanche military pressed by Taurus for a two of his own. Crossrhoads from Miguel could only net a two as the ref caught him with his feet on the ropes, but a can of spray paint to Taurus’ eyes and a Lightning Spiral netted Miguel the win.

A 10 bell salute to Don West opened up the Hard to Kill PPV broadcast, as IMPACT paid tribute to the much loved announcer, who recently passed away.

Josh Alexander (c) def. Bully Ray - IMPACT World Championship Full Metal Mayhem Match

The IMPACT World Championship opened up the show, as Josh Alexander and Bully Ray finally locked horns after escalating violence from Bully in the weeks leading up to Hard to Kill. After making his entrance, Bully Ray seemingly left the arena, but it was all a ruse, as the ECW icon bum-rushed Alexander with a chain as the champ made his way to the ring.

After a further assault, Bully threw Alexander in the ring and demanded the ref ring the bell, with Bully powerbombing a bleeding Alexander through a table as soon as the match officially began. A straight right from Alexander allowed him into the match, and it was Bully’s time to bleed after taking a cheesegrater to the face from the ‘Walking Weapon’. Alexander soon produced a sack of thumbtacks, but Ray escaped to the ramp, and ended up eating a steel chair for his troubles. Alexander was firmly in control, laying Bully on a table at the top of the ramp as he went to the top of the nearest ladder, but Bully had him scouted, tipping the ladder backwards as Alexander crashed into the ring and into the tacks. 

The tacks seemed to fire Alexander up, who hit Bully with a huge German suplex and a rolling senton, before a chain wrapped diving knee strike from the top. With Bully on the deck Alexander locked in the Ankle lock, then wrapped the chain around Bully’s neck as he looked for the win. Unfortunately Hotch and Skyler made their way into the match to break up the move, before assisting Bully with a huge 3-D into the tacks… but only for a two count.

The two then cable tied Alexander to the ropes as Bully continued his assault, but Tommy Dreamer returned to level the playing field, taking out Hotch and Skyler before cracking Bully with a trashcan. Bully wasn’t phased and drove Tommy through a table with a spear, before wailing on the incapacitated Alexander with the can.

Alexander was still fired up, and out of nowhere Jen Alexander appeared to give Bully a piece of her mind, but the ECW original wasn’t phased and looked to assault her with the trashcan, but ate a lowblow and an Acid Drop for his troubles as Jen freed Alexander. With Bully laid out on a table in the middle of the ring, Alexander returned to the ladder on the ramp and hit a huge bodypress through Bully Ray through the table for two, transitioning straight into the Ankle Lock as Bully Ray tapped out.

Mickie James and Tara were backstage as James prepared for her main event clash with Jordynne Grace, with Raven appearing to wish his former Gathering stablemate his love and support for the potential final stop of the ‘last rodeo’.

Motor City Machine Guns (c) def. Bullet Club, The Major Players, & Heath & Rhino - IMPACT World Tag Championship Four-Way Elimination Match

The bell hadn’t even rang as this broke down into an all out brawl, with all eight men brawling in and out of the ring before the ref finally saw an opening to start the match. Elimination rules, meaning only one member of any team has to be eliminated for the full team to see their exit from the match. 

The Majors started strongest, with Cardona and Myers utilising quick tags to gain a footing in the bout, until a big avalanche powerslam from Heath halted their momentum. Rhino then ran riot, but was quickly eliminated after an eyegouge from Myers and a roll-up from Cardona.

The Majors continued their momentum by working over Chris Bey, but a tag to Ace Austin saw Bullet Club get an opening into the bout, but Austin was soon met by The Guns, with the crowd divided in ‘Motor City/Bullet Club’ chants. An aggressive Alex Shelley worked over Austin’s legs, before Bey and Myers tagged in, with Bullet Club soon double teaming Myers for the three and the elimination of The Major Brothers.

Down to the final two teams and the champs soon took control, levelling Bey with a Magic Killer before pummelling Ace and sending him crashing to the floor. Bullet Club were not going to go down without a fight, but as Bey nailed an Art of Finesse The Majors reappeared to cause chaos, allowing MCMG to hit a Dirtbomb onto Bey for the three and the successful defence.

As MCMG celebrated on the ramp they were greeted by Frankie Kazarian, as Kaz took a mic to announce that he’d signed a long-term contract with IMPACT Wrestling, with the crowd welcoming Kazarian back home.

Joe Hendry (c) def. Moose - IMPACT Digital Media Championship

Joe Hendry went to address the crowd before this title match kicked off, but Moose was ready to slap the mic out of his hand. The ‘Prestigious One’ wasn’t phased by the former IMPACT World Champion, coming straight out of the blocks and hitting the ‘Wrestling God’ with several slams and suplexes, none of which seemed to affect Moose. Hendry showed off his strength outside the ring, hoisting Moose up for a stalling vertical suplex, and taking Moose for a walk around the ring before planting the big man.

Back in the ring and Moose soon found an opening and went to work dismantling the champ, but all it did was wake Hendry up, who hoisted Moose up and over the top rope to the floor in an impressive feat of strength. A massive cutter got a two for Hendry, before Moose fired back with a Sky High for a two of his own. A very evenly matched bout, as both men looked for an opening, with Hendry getting a nearfall after a huge lariat into a pop-up kneeling powerbomb. A pair of uranages couldn’t seal the deal for Moose who went for the title belt, before lowblowing Hendry as the ref was distracted and hitting the Spear for the win.

As Moose lifted the title the new ‘Director of Authority’ Santino Marella made his way to the stage to lambast Moose and restart the match. Moose went for another Spear at the bell but ate nothing but turnbuckle post before Hendry hit a big Standing Ovation for the win. Close call for the ‘Local Hero’.

Kenny King cut a backstage promo calling out Mike Bailey ahead of their ‘Pit Fight’ next week on IMPACT TV.

Masha Slamovich def. Deonna Purrazzo, Killer Kelly, & Taylor Wilde - Knockouts Champions Number One Contender Match

One fall to a finish, as four of the biggest names of the Knockouts division fought for an opportunity at the Knockouts Champion - whomever that may be after tonight’s main event.

Masha and Wilde, and Deonna and Kelly went for each other, with all four eventually tangling on the floor, before Slamovich wiped everyone out with a cannonball Senton off the top. Back in the ring, Wilde took control of the bout by using her veteran savvy, but was sent packing by Purrazzo, before the two teamed up to work over Killer Kelly. Masha came back in to wipe out Wilde and Deonna before peppering Kelly with strikes and a big German Suplex. 

‘The Virtuosa’ got a nearfall after a slugging powerbomb on Wilde, but could not capitalise, as Kelly disposed of the competition to leave her and Wilde alone in the ring as she went for a Killer Clutch. As Kelly had Purrazzo in the Killer Clutch, Masha nailed a Snowplow on Wilde onto Purrazzo and Kelly, pinning Wilde for the win and the number one contendership.

Steve Maclin def. Rich Swann - Falls Count Anywhere Match

IMPACT Hall of Famer Raven joined commentary for this next bout, with the match starting in the bowels of the arena after Maclin jumped Swann as he was being interviewed by Gia Miller. The fight soon spilled outside, with Maclin missing a spear on Swann and landing right in a dumpster before the two made their way into the street as Swann nailed a cutter on the concrete for two. 

Momentum shifted back and forth between both competitors as they finally arrived ringside, with Maclin nailing Swann with a chair and a big backbreaker for two. A tree of woe spear again got a two for Maclin, with Swann getting a two of his own after a cutter from the ringsteps to the floor. As Swann looked to build momentum Maclin once again sent him reeling, but Swann regained his composure to send Maclin off the ramp with a well executed headkick and followed up with a splash to the floor for a two.

Another nearfall on the floor as Maclin hit a rough Ligerbomb, before a KIA DDT on an access ramp secured the win for Maclin.

Eddie Edwards def. Jonathan Gresham

Former ROH World Champions clashed as Jonathan Gresham and Eddie Edwards had their first ever singles match in a major promotion, with issues between the two stretching back to early 2022 after Honor No More first made their presence felt in IMPACT.

The Atlanta crowd were firmly behind hometown boy Gresham as the two locked up, with Edwards unable to get the best of the opening exchanges. Gresham took Edward down on the outside after a bodypress, but back in the ring Eddie found his footing, levelling ‘The Foundation’ with a release belly-to-belly suplex. Gresham did not stay down for long, and was outwrestling and out manoeuvring Eddie with ease, working over Edwards’ elbow with some joint manipulation. Eddie countered this with some old fashioned aggression, levelling Gresham with a rope hung cutter and lighting up ‘The Octopus’ with some hard knife edge chops. 

Eddie got cocky, toying with Gresham as he took him down with a stiff slap to the jaw, but Gresham fired back, absorbing Eddie’s chops and targeting attacks on his bad elbow as this became a war of attrition. Gresham got the best of Eddie this go round, getting Eddie down for a nearfall after a tilt-a-whirl bulldog and standing moonsault. Eddie fired back with a Misawa elbow and a Blue Thunder Bomb for two, but a superplex attempt backfired as Gresham locked in a sleeper hold. Eddie escaped after dropping Gresham onto his face on the top turnbuckle, and got a nearfall after a Ligerbomb. The action picked up the pace as both men looked for a win, with Eddie pulling getting the three after a Tiger Driver and a Boston Knee Party for the win.

As Eddie celebrated the lights in the arena went out, before an enraged PCO returned to level Eddie with a shovel shot and a chokeslam. It is Friday the 13th after all.

Mickie James def. Jordynne Grace (c) - Knockouts World Championship Title vs. Career Match

A Native American dance troupe gave way to Mickie James, with Mickie celebrating her Powhatan heritage as her family watched on from the front row. Dave Penzer gave the in-ring introductions after Grace’s arrival for the big fight feel, as we hit the final stop on the last rodeo.

Handshakes and a show of mutual respect started things off, but Grace soon showed off her superior strength advantage as James looked to take the champ down. James peppered Grace with slaps, but a firm one back from Grace levelled Mickie. James soon took Grace down after a Lou Thesz Press, but Grace was firmly in control of the bout, out striking the veteran James at every turn. The action soon spilled to the top rope, with James planting Grace with a diving bulldog but unable to capitalise as the ref started the 10 count. Back to their feet and Mickie finally started to string together some strikes, taking Grace down with a big time kick to the head.

Mickie went old school with a rope walk before Thesz Pressing Grace onto the entrance ramp, but a Mick-DT attempt was unsuccessful, Grace powering out to send Mickie to the top turnbuckle before nailing a delayed superplex into a rollthrough Juggernaut Jackhammer for a close two. Mickie fired back with her classic corner headscissor whip then a seated senton/thesz press for a nearfall. Grace fired back with a tight spinebuster and a package powerbomb for two, but a tombstone attempt was reversed into a headscissors by Mickie as ‘Hardcore Country’ connected with a Mick Kick. The two exchanged two counts with desperation starting to set in, and a second Mick Kick allowed Mickie to finally hit the Mick-DT… but Grace kicked out at two and nine-tenths as the crowd chanted ‘THAT WAS THREE’.

Mickie followed up with a bridging pin, Grace flipped it into sleeper hold before Mickie fought her way out. Another Mick Kick connected, but Grace again locked in the sleeper. Mickie fought out once more and evaded a corner spear as Grace ate the ringpost, allowing Mickie to hit the Tornado DDT and get the three count for the win and the title.

IMPACT Hard To Kill 2023 full results:

  • Mickie James def. Jordynne Grace (c) - Knockouts World Championship Title vs. Career Match
  • Eddie Edwards def. Jonathan Gresham
  • Steve Maclin def. Rich Swann - Falls Count Anywhere Match
  • Masha Slamovich def. Deonna Purrazzo, Killer Kelly, & Taylor Wilde - Knockouts Champions Number One Contender Match
  • Joe Hendry (c) def. Moose - IMPACT Digital Media Championship
  • Motor City Machine Guns (c) def. Bullet Club, The Major Players, & Heath & Rhino - IMPACT World Tag Championship Four-way Elimination Match
  • Josh Alexander (c) def. Bully Ray - IMPACT World Championship Full Metal Mayhem Match
  • Trey Miguel (c) def. Black Taurus - X Division Championship - Countdown to Hard to Kill Pre-show
  • Kushida def. Angels, Delirious, ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey, Mike Jackson, & Yuya Uemura - Countdown to Hard to Kill Pre-show

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