Mickie James Wins Knockouts Title At IMPACT Hard To Kill 2023

Mickie James has won the Knockouts Championship at IMPACT Hard To Kill

The last rodeo has come to an end, with Mickie James lifting the Knockouts World after defeating Champion Jordynne Grace at IMPACT Hard to Kill 2023 in an emotionally charged Title vs. Career match.

James announced in 2022 that she was on her ‘last rodeo’ and would retire the next time she was defeated in singles competition on her way to the Knockouts Championship, with Grace putting the title on the line in a Title vs. Career match in Hard to Kill’s main event.

At times it seemed that this was a step too far for James, with Grace enjoying large spells in control of the bout, using her strength and power advantage to keep Mickie at bay. Mickie kept firing back though, nailing Grace with several Mick Kicks and Mick-DTs for a host of nearfalls, before Grace locked in a grapevined sleeper.

With Mickie’s family ringside it seemed as though this was goodbye for the multi-time WWE and IMPACT Women’s World Champion, but Mickie fought on, sending Grace into the ringpost before hitting a monumental tornado DDT for the win and the title - the fifth of her IMPACT career.

The last rodeo may have been a success, but James will have to refocus, as earlier in the evening Masha Slamovich won a four way match to become the new number one contender. But for now congratulations to the new champ.

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