IMPACT Wrestling Considering Tapings Shows In Las Vegas Later This Year

Could a move away from the IMPACT Zone be on the cards?

The Covid-19 pandemic forced wrestling companies to take a different approach to taping their content, with WWE utilising the Performance Center and Thunderdome, and AEW Daily’s Place. For IMPACT it wasn’t much of a problem, being used to recording blocks of shows from their IMPACT Zone in Nashville, Tennessee.

However, according to The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, IMPACT Wrestling are looking at moving tapings to Las Vegas at some point in 2021, and hope to tape in front of a live audience. Meltzer did add the caveat that IMPACT would likely be looking at running a small building for these shows.

Before then though, IMPACT are scheduled to welcome fans back to the IMPACT Zone for the upcoming Slammiversary PPV, following in the footsteps of AEW and WWE who are both welcoming capacity crowds back this month.

It is a far cry from TNA’s days in the original IMPACT Zone in Orlando Florida, where Impact was taped on a soundstage at Universal Studios Florida.

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