IMPACT Wrestling Results - 24 June 2021: VBD vs. Edwards & Kojima

All the action from a Don Callis-less IMPACT Zone

IMPACT Wrestling started with a recap of last week's show and Don Callis’ firing by Anthem and their representative Tommy Dreamer. 

This week’s episode started with Callis and Kenny Omega coming to the IMPACT Zone, but Callis was denied entry as he was not on the EVP list, nor the talent list. Callis yelled at a member of staff, and said he’ll go wherever he wants in the building at the side of Omega.

At ringside and we were straight into action with Rosemary taking on Fire ’n’ Flava’s Kiera Hogan. Hogan consistently avoided Rosemary’s advances and bailed to the floor, wanting no part of the Demon Assassin. Rosemary soon got her hands on Hogan and dominated her, until Tasha Steelz on the outside cheap-shot Rosemary. As the Knockouts Tag Champs continually took advantage of Rosemary, Havok made her way ringside to nullify Steelz’ interference. Hogan remained on top, but Rosemary fought back in getting several nearfalls. The tide was on Rosemary’s side, getting the win with a compact out sit out jawbreaker.

Chris Bey was backstage with Gia Miller, saying he doesn’t want to choose sides as the X Division breaks down into gang warfare, saying his focus is simply on becoming a two-time X Division Champion. Trey Miguel and Petey Williams cut him off and said Bey’s been on the receiving end of a beating from Madman Fulton, and the lone wolf schtick isn’t going to do him any favours. 

Gia Miller was next with Tommy Dreamer to discuss Don Callis’ firing. Dreamer said personally he feels bad, but professionally it had to be done because Callis was abusing his power. Scott D’Amore showed up and said Dreamer could have handled it differently, but admitted he wasn’t taking care of things the way he should have, then thanked Dreamer for always having IMPACT’s best interests at heart. Dreamer said thank you, and he’ll always be on hand to oversee things, saying the Anthem board has asked him to stay on as a consultant and advisor, as D’Amore was dumbfounded.

The issues between Susan and Deonna Purrazzo continued as the two clashed in singles action. The two exchanged heated words at the start, with The Virtuosa shoving Susan twice, before locking up. Purrazzo constantly trash talked Susan as she firmly had control, with the Knockouts Champion having an answer for everything Susan threw at her. Kimber Lee was caught in the middle on the outside, watching on as Susan was decimated by Purrazzo. Susan did manage several shots and a superplex, but Deonna floated over into a reverse armbar for the tapout win.

Post-match, Deonna locked the Venus de Milo onto Susan, as Kimber Lee broke it up. Purrazzo screamed at the pair, called them losers and trash, then walked off with her title.

We saw Fallah Bahh and TJP at the table in Swinger’s Palace, as Rich Swann and Willie Mack joined them. Swinger insulted Willie and hyped up his new security guard Hernandez, as Willie called Swinger a knock-off Magnum TA and threatened to punch his lights out. Bahh and TJP declared their intentions for the tag titles, as did Swann and Willie, before the two teams cordially agreed to face-off on next week’s edition of IMPACT.

Don Callis caught up with Dreamer and told him no hard feelings, before sucking up to Dreamer and telling him he’s going to have a great corporate career, whilst simultaneously telling Tommy he’s broken down and a shell of himself. Callis said as a favour to Dreamer he’d set up a six-man tag; Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers, vs. Dreamer’s team - wrestlers involved TBD. 

Match three pit the team of Petey Williams and Trey Miguel against Rohit Raju and Shera, following the heinous attack last week by Rohit, Shera, Ace Austin, and Madman Fulton against the rest of the X Division. Williams and Miguel tagged well, keeping Rohit isolated and working him over with tandem offence. Shera made his way in to the match and was an instant difference maker, but Trey and Petey stayed in the bout. Soon Ace Austin and Madman Futon sauntered down to ringside to watch, distracting Petey long enough for Rohit to hit the drive-by and get the win.

Post-match Shera, Rohit, Austin, and Fulton pummelled Petey and Trey as Josh Alexander ran down to the ring. The Walking Weapon momentarily kept the four heels at bay, but ate a beatdown of his own. Chris Bey came to ringside, but instead of choosing a side Bey filmed everything on his phone for some clout.

We cut backstage as Sami Callihan was talking to Tommy Dreamer. Gia Miller interrupted and asked who Dreamer was recruiting to take on The Elite next week. Dreamer asked Callihan if he was game, and Sami said he was in if it got him one step nearer to bashing Omega’s brains in. Moose appeared and also said he’s in. Dreamer alluded to a third member of the team also being confirmed.

Back in ring and Rachel Ellering had a mic. Ellering asked Jordynne Grace to come to the ring so they could hash things out. An emotional Ellering spoke of her pride at winning the Knockouts Tag Titles with Grace, and how she had a difficult year, made more difficult by everyone trying to force positive vibes upon her. Ellering said she realised that she’d been doing the same to Jordynne and apologised, saying she wanted to be a good friend and partner to Grace, and to not let Fire ’n’ Flava and Tenille get into her head. An agitated Grace listed all her accomplishments from before Ellering arrived, and said she loved being a team with Rachel, but she can handle things by herself, and if Rachel mentions Tenille one more time she’ll drop her on her head.

Jazz made her way to the ring and said both women are a fantastic team, and they can get through whatever funk they’re going through. Jazz said Grace's ego is clouding her judgement and she needs to shake it off. Ellering said she has to take responsibility too, and said she wants to team with Jordynne but doesn’t know if the feeling is mutual. Grace said she needed time to think and headed backstage. As soon as Grace left, Tenille and Kaleb appeared at ringside. Tenille tried recruiting Rachel once again, but was met with a firm no from Ellering. Rachel challenged Tenille to a rematch, and the two brawled to end the segment, with Kaleb carrying Tenille to the back. 

Match four saw a new look Sam Beale - with his mentor Brian Myers - take on Jake Something. As expected, Something utterly dominated Beale from the off, but Beale had a few dirty tricks up his sleeve, on the suggestion of Myers. Something nailed a huge Black Hole Slam for the win after a few short minutes.

Post-match, Myers got the mic and told Beale not to blame himself for that loss, saying it was Something’s fault for being unprofessional, as Myers trashed the big man on the mic.

Main event time as Eddie Edwards and Kojima took on IMPACT Tag Champions Violent By Design. Pre-match, Rich Swann and Willie Mack exchanged pleasantries with the challengers, and were granted a shot at the titles should Edwards and Kojima win.

VBD were represented by Deaner and Joe Doering, Freebird rule in full effect. Edwards and Kojima started strong working over Deaner, but the champs turned the tide and isolated Kojima, utilising Doering’s strength and Deaner’s speed to keep the bout in their advantage. Edwards eventually got the tag, avoiding VBD’s double teaming as he and Kojima hit stereo dives to the outside. Rhino eventually proved to be a difference maker, distracting Edwards to let VBD once again take control. VBD isolated and dominated Edwards, but it wasn’t long until the hot tag to Kojima, who rocked Deaner and Doering with machine gun chops. Edwards nailed a top rope frankensteiner on Deaner as Kojima hit the elbow drop, but only got two. Deaner got a two of his own after a diving headbutt on Edwards, and shortly Doering withstood a Koji cutter before reversing a Boston Knee Party to hit the Revolution Bomb on Edwards for the victory. Champs retain.

Full results:
• Rosemary def. Kiera Hogan
• Deonna Purrazzo def. Susan
• Rohit Raju & Shera def. Trey Miguel & Petey Williams
• Jake Something def. Sam Beale
• Violent By Design (c) def. Eddie Edwards & Kojima - IMPACT Tag Titles

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