IMPACT Wrestling Results - May 20 2021: FinJuice Vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

A week removed from Under Siege, what went down at the IMPACT Zone?

A quick recap video of Under Siege played to start the show: W. Morrissey laying out Willie Mack, Eddie Edwards and FinJuice def. The Super Elite, Moose winning the six-man main event.

IMPACT opened up with Rohit Raju taking on Jake Something in singles action. Something started very strongly, absolutely flattening Rohit with a forearm, and used his strength and size advantage to keep Rohit at bay. Rohit weaselled his way into the match, but Something constantly cut him back down to size with huge spears and lariats. Something went for a vertical suplex, but Shera grabbed his ankle and held his foot down as Rohit snuck the win.

Post-match an incensed Something beat Shera all around the ringside area as Rohit cowardly watched on from the ramp. Something speared Shera through a table, and trash talked Rohit to end the segment. 

Taylor Wilde was interviewed backstage. Wilde again stated her desire to become Knockouts Champion, but shortly Tenille and Kaleb snuck in and made it all about them. Tenille has a match against Kiera Hogan tonight, as Dashwood reinstated her desire to win the Knockouts Tag Titles as Wilde's partner. Wilde said she isn't interested, and told Kaleb to stop Facetiming her.

We heard from Rachel Ellering and Jordynne Grace after losing the Knockouts Tag Titles at Under Siege. Ellering and Grace said they need to regroup and refocus, and see if they can recapture the titles.

Talking of the Knockouts Tag Titles, one half of the new champs Kiera Hogan was out next for her match against Tenille Dashwood. Tenille handily outwrestled Hogan for portions of the bout, but her ego got in the way and allowed Hogan to get a foothold, aggressively kicking and choking Dashwood and shouting at Kaleb. Tenille came back into the match, and got the win with a roll-up after avoiding another kick.

Post-match Tasha ran in to stomp Tenille. Kaleb tried to intervene, but Deonna Purazzo, Susan and Kimber Lee ran in, DDT’d Kaleb, and joined the assault of Dashwood. Taylor Wilde ran out for a fight, and was soon joined by Havok, who cleared house almost single-handedly. As the heels retreated, Rosemary and Decay appeared and scared them away.

Ellering and Grace were shown backstage, as Grace revealed the two would face off in singles action tonight.

An NJPW video package played, as it was announced that former Triple Crown Winner, IWGP Heavyweight Champion and NWA World Champion Satoshi Kojima would be appearing on IMPACT next week!

FinJuice were interviewed backstage about their match against Ace Austin and Madman Fulton later in the night. David Finley said the match would be a challenge, but they’re used to challenges, such as defeating The Good Brothers. Juice Robinson said they’re going back to Japan after this match, and that there’s a load of teams in Japan champing at the bit, calling out the likes of Dangerous Tekkers and Gorillas of Destiny, then finished by saying FinJuice are the best team in all of pro wrestling.

Match three saw VSK in action against Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams. The veteran Williams schooled VSK, hitting a gorgeous tope hurricanrana to the outside, but VSK got his licks in, enjoying a decent spell on the front foot. However VSK's inexperience was his undoing, as Williams fought his way back in, and eventually hit the OG Canadian Destroyer for the victory.

Gia Miller caught up with Rich Swann, asking the former IMPACT Champion why he returned at Under Siege. Swann opened up about his loss to Kenny Omega, saying he felt physical and mental pain, but while sitting at home he watched W. Morrissey turn up and act like he owns the place and Swann wasn’t down with that. Morrissey appeared out of nowhere and destroyed Swann with a big boot as Gia called for security.

Backstage in Swinger’s Palace and we saw TJP cleaning up at the roulette table. Fallah Bahh was in a dress working as a host to pay off his debt to Swinger, but TJP won Bahh’s freedom by rolling a hard eight, as Swinger was incensed. TJP said he needed his tag partner back, as he didn’t enjoy tagging with Petey Williams. Petey overheard and said he preferred Josh Alexander anyway, and went off to see Scott D’Amore about getting a tag match set up. Decay appeared, with Crazzy Steve saying it was the creepiest place he’d ever been, as Swinger asked what the Dungeon of Doom was doing in the Palace. Hernandez went to throw Decay out, but they left of their own volition.

New IMPACT World Title number one contender Moose came to the ring. Moose spoke to Omega, saying he may have beaten the likes of Okada, Jericho, and Moxley, but Moose was a different challenge altogether. Moose said he respects that Omega calls himself the God of professional wrestling, but Moose is the undisputed wrestling God. Omega and Don Callis then made their way to the IMPACT Zone. Callis said he heard what Moose was saying, and praised Moose as an incredible athlete, and possibly the most physically talented person in all of pro wrestling. But Callis said talent wasn’t enough, and said he couldn’t even win a title in Ring of Honor, asking Moose if he’s won any world titles, whilst Omega has won three in recent history. Moose stopped Callis and told him if one more word comes out of his mouth he’ll rip his head off and stuff it up Kenny’s arse. Omega told Moose as good as he is, all it takes is a One Winged Angel, and that’s it. Moose told Omega to try putting the OWA on him, and as Omega made excuses, Gallows and Anderson made their way ringside. Before The Super Elite could attack, Sami Callihan appeared with a baseball bat and chased the AEW interlopers away.

Moose and Sami had words backstage. Moose wasn’t going to say thanks, and told Sami he didn’t need his help. Sami said he came out because he’s sick of Kenny and The Good Brothers. Sami doesn’t care who wins at Against All Odds, he’s coming back for what’s rightfully his.

The next match was Rachel Ellering taking on Jordynne Grace. The former tag champs started with a handshake, and went into a sequence of hold-and-counter-hold wrestling. Ellering got the better of Grace in this encounter, as Grace got visibly frustrated. Grace started wrestling more aggressively, determined to not be undone by the newcomer Ellering. Grace started solidly clubbing Ellering, but it fired Ellering up, who hit a flurry of offence but could only get a two count. The two went into a back and forth pinning sequence, with Ellering getting the decisive pinfall in the melee. Ellering didn’t want to celebrate, as Grace looked on disheartened. The two hugged and shook hands, but Grace quickly got out of there and stormed off to the back.

Brian Myers was backstage, saying everything he has said and done in IMPACT has been justified. Matt Cardona walked past, so Myers viciously assaulted him.

Main event time, as FinJuice put the IMPACT World Tag Titles on the line against Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Fulton started out strongly and aggressively, but the champs soon figured out the big guy and used tag offence to keep him at bay. Ace and Fulton eventually got into the bout, isolating Juice and laying into the NJPW standout. Hot tag to Finley swung the momentum back in the champs’ favour, and despite another flurry from the challengers, FinJuice retained after a stunner/unprettier combo on Fulton.

But as FinJuice were celebrating, Violent By Design appeared, and cashed in their Call Your Shot trophy for an instant impromptu shot at the gold, as a bewildered FinJuice looked worried. Rhino and Joe Doering took the match, and despite their best efforts, FinJuice were too tired to mount an effective defence against the fresh tandem. A gore, a death valley driver, and a lariat later, and Violent By Design are your new IMPACT World Tag team Champions.

Full results:
Rohit Raju def. Jake Something
Tenille Dashwood def. Kiera Hogan
Petey Williams def. VSK
Rachel Ellering def. Jordynne Grace
FinJuice (c) def. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton - IMPACT World Tag Team Championship
Violent By Design (Rhino & Joe Doering) def. FinJuice (c) - IMPACT World Tag Team Championship

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