Injury To Darby Allin Almost Derailed Sting's In-Ring Return

Darby Allin almost had to take a trip to the hospital ahead of Sting's return match

An injury to Darby Allin almost derailed Sting's in-ring return at Double or Nothing 2021.

After competing in a cinematic match at Revolution, The Icon was scheduled to team with Darby Allin against Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky in Sting's first in-ring bout since 2015. 

While Sting was fine heading into the match, Darby Allin revealed on the Hawk vs. Wolf podcast that he sustained an injury while skateboarding, which he then lied about to All Elite Wrestling ahead of Double or Nothing.

"It's his first live match back in front of an audience, and a week earlier, I was filming some skating down at the Gates of Hell in Phoenix, Arizona. The video I sent you [Hawk] where, I went down, but then hit the crack and flew into the wall, I thought I broke my wrist and kneecap all at once. I'm just laying there in blood. I'm in a red ant hill and shit. I went to Jaws' [Skateboarder Aaron "Jaws" Homoki] house. I was contemplating going to the hospital, but I told Jaws, 'I'm going to sit in the bathtub for two hours and if I p**s blood, I'll go to the hospital, but if I don't, I won't go,'" Darby said.

"It was a week before he made his return on pay-per-view and the whole week, I was limping on my knee and icing it like crazy. I didn't know how to tell anybody that I flew into a wall skateboarding. It was a pay-per-view and so much riding on this match. I showed up and told everyone that I was training and I smashed my knee. 'Dude, you're really messed up.' I low-key told Sting behind the scenes what really happened. He knows that I'm crazy outside of the ring. I showed him the video and he started laughing. That was pretty stressful."

Allin would be able to wrestle and he and Sting defeated Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky at Double or Nothing. Allin and Sting have continued to team together ever since, although The Icon is expected to retire when his AEW contract expires later this year.

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