Jake Roberts Believes WWE "Treats Talents Like S**t" By Booking Brock Lesnar On Top

"The Snake" isn't a fan of the booking...

WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts gave some very frank opinions about worthy and unworthy WWE champions throughout the years on a recent episode of FlipDaScript, and didn't mince his words about the current WWE titleholder.

The manager of Lance Archer in AEW perhaps echoed a few common sentiments when he criticized WWE's long-standing desire to have Brock Lesnar in prominent spots, particularly come WrestleMania season.

"The thing about Brock is that he's not an everyday wrestler," Roberts said. "He's a once a year guy, or a three times a year guy. To me, you're really treating your talent like s**t to, every year, come WrestleMania time, after these guys have busted their asses for 365 days, when it comes time for the big one, they bring him in, and these guys have got to sit out. 

"What's wrong with that? Well from their viewpoint, they're getting screwed, man! It's a shame that WWE feels like they have to have Brock on the card to fill up a building."

Roberts believes Vince McMahon could create a new star instead of simply relying on Lesnar so heavily, adding, "Plain and simple man, people eat what they are fed. In other words, if I dress somebody up with strings on their arms and stuff and tell them to go out there and shake a rope, you’re gonna win every match. Pretty soon they’re gonna put the belt on you, and guess what everybody says? ‘He’s the f**king best, man!'"

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Written by Justin Henry

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