Marty Scurll Discusses His Decision To Stay With ROH Over Jumping To AEW

"The Villain" just couldn't pass it up...

It was a bit of a surprise for many when Marty Scurll, free from his Ring of Honor commitments at the end of 2019, chose to re-sign with the company instead of jumping to AEW, where he could work with his old Elite running buddies.

Scurll, who gained became ROH's head booker upon re-signing, elaborated on his choice in a recent interview with WrestleTalk.  

Said Scurll, “I’m sure most expected me to go to AEW, and of course, Matt & Nick (The Young Bucks) are two of my best friends in the whole entire world. I love them and I love what they are doing. I’m very proud of them. When it came to my decision though, I, like them, had my own vision, my own dreams, and the opportunity to create a promotion in my own vision was something I always wanted and couldn’t turn down.

"I’ve been wrestling for a long time and it was time to do something new and set a new challenge for myself. ROH have always been amazing to me, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be more involved. They have the trust in me, and it really gives me the chance to be creative, which I’ve always enjoyed more than anything. I have great relationships with Tony, Cody and Kenny, and it’s cool that we’re all doing our own things and making a splash in the wrestling world."

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