Jake Roberts Explains Why Tony Khan Is "Much Wiser" Than Vince McMahon

Jake Roberts believes Tony Khan is wiser than Vince McMahon when it comes to the wrestling business

WWE Hall of Famer Jake 'The Snake' Roberts has spoken about the differences between Vince McMahon and Tony Khan. 

Roberts previously worked for McMahon, while he is currently employed by Khan's AEW (where he managed Lance Archer). 

During a recent edition of his The Snake Pit podcast, Jake claimed that Khan is wiser than McMahon when it comes to the wrestling business, saying: 

"They're completely two different animals, they really are. Vince was a guy that surrounded himself with people that knew what the f*ck to do, whereas Tony Khan already knows what the f*ck to do. He's much wiser, as far as the wrestling business goes, way more than Vince McMahon. He can quote you stuff from 30 years ago, brother. He'll give it to you, move by move".

Roberts was also critical of how McMahon has treated some talent who used to work for him, in particular Kamala (who passed away in 2020). 

"The worst was probably Kamala, who desperately needed help. He made Vince McMahon a lot of f*cking money. For Vince not to reach out and try to help him - now I do know that Vince helped Scott Hall, but he didn't help Kamala and that just rubs me the wrong way," he said. 

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