Jake Roberts Thinks Pro Wrestling Storytelling Is In A 'Real Bad Spot' Right Now

Jake Roberts thinks modern wrestlers 'don't know sh*t' when it comes to storytelling

Jake Roberts has bemoaned the lack of selling and storytelling in modern wrestling. 

The WWE Hall of Famer recently appeared on Cafe de Rene with Rene Dupree, where he spoke about the state of the business. 

"It's in a bad spot, man. It's in a real bad spot," Roberts said when asked about storytelling in wrestling. 

Jake added: "Unfortunately, what is happening is these young wrestlers - they haven't learned anything about telling a story. They don't understand, and they've gotten into these high-flying suicide dives, doing every move in the book. But they forgot to do one thing: sell. They don't know sh*t, and that's a crying shame".

A major star in the 1980s and 90s, Roberts is considered one of the industry's brightest minds when it comes to psychology. He has previously hit out at modern wrestlers for their perceived lack of selling. 

Despite his reputation and accomplishments in the business, 'The Snake' recently claimed that AEW talent don't listen to him. Jake returned to AEW television on the February 24 edition of Rampage following health issues, resuming his role as Lance Archer's manager.

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