Jeff Hardy "Knocked Loopy" At AEW Double Or Nothing

A rough Double Or Nothing for Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy has revealed why his brother Jeff Hardy missed Wednesday's episode of Dynamite.

The Charismatic Enigma was initially scheduled to be involved in a 10-man tag on Dynamite but Jeff was pulled from the match. Tony Khan then revealed the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion was dealing with an injury.

Speaking on The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt Hardy revealed Jeff was pulled from Dynamite because he was "almost knocked out" during The Hardys' match against The Young Bucks at Sunday's Double Or Nothing pay-per-view.

"Yeah, I was happy with the match, especially considering very early on in the match Jeff was almost knocked out. So he got hurt pretty bad. That's why he's being pulled from the match in Los Angeles, obviously. So he was kind of running on fumes going through the match. He still held up his end of the bargain pretty good in the big scheme of things," said Matt.

It is not known when Hardy sustained the injury, only that he was "knocked loopy."

"We have a couple of ideas but we're not sure. He has no recollection. He doesn't remember the match at all after that happened, so thank God The Young Bucks are The Young Bucks and I'm me and we were -- he was literally just a vessel being given directions throughout the match to kind of do what he was supposed to do," Matt continued.

"So considering he really got knocked loopy terribly at some point earlier in the match, he still did pretty good to go through and do everything he did. It's so funny that he's just still such a great athlete and so good at what he does. If you're looking at the Swanton he does on the stairs, he still does it perfectly and he didn't realise he was supposed to do it until he was told he was supposed to do it."

There is no word on when Jeff will be back in the ring but Matt did note it would be good for his brother to have a couple of weeks off after his recent matches. 

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