Jeff Hardy Recalls Being Angry With Vince McMahon Following WWE WrestleMania 25 Match

He wanted more time

There was no brotherly love at WrestleMania 25 as Jeff and Matt Hardy went one on one at The Showcase Of The Immortals in an Extreme Rules Match.

The contest would feature several high-profile spots and weapons including tables, ladders and steel chairs before Matt defeated his brother with a Twist Of Fate while Jeff's head was trapped in a chair.

The two brothers had even more planned for the match, though, and Jeff revealed on Broken Skull Sessions that he was initially angry after the match because they had to cut out several moments because of time constraints. 

"We got cut a lot of time off that match. I'll never forget this. And I was so upset because we had to cut out several spots. I was so passionate and upset. We didn't get to do it in front of that crowd. And that was one time me and Vince did have a conversation after that," Jeff said.

"[I] think he kind of liked it. He saw how mad I was because I was like throwing stuff [and I was like] 'can't believe we didn't get do that stuff we wanted to do.' We did plenty. More than enough. But still the passion within me really ignited that night after the match. I was really upset."

Jeff would ultimately depart WWE later that year after his contract expired. He would then be arrested on charges of trafficking in controlled prescription pills and possession of anabolic steroids, which led to him spending 10 days in jail. Hardy reflected on that part of his life on Broken Skull Sessions, which you can read here

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