Jeff Hardy Sets Sights On Reuniting with Brother Matt Before Retiring

Hardy has 3 goals before the end of his career

Jeff Hardy has revealed his three remaining goals in wrestling, which include reuniting with brother Matt before they both retire.

Having first made his WWE debut in 1994, Hardy has done almost everything there is to do in professional wrestling, and the Charismatic Enigma says he now has three things he'd love to accomplish. 

The first two involve WWE, challenging Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship and bringing his Willow character to the company, before eventually teaming with brother Matt one more time.

Speaking to SportsKeeda Wrestling, Hardy revealed: "I guess there's three [goals] I think about more than anything. Number one would probably be to be the Universal Champion, ideally, defeating Roman Reigns, because that's one of my dream matches because his stuff is so powerful.

"Now, I've gotten to mix it up with Seth in the ring, and even Dean Ambrose back before he left and they were The Shield, that was a big deal. So now, Roman’s the one guy, we never came in contact with each other. So I just feel like I kind of belong in that story, and that I will belong in that story.

“Number two is probably this alter ego of mine called ‘Willow’ that's kind of out there that people are aware of doing something that's different than what Bray Wyatt and The Fiend did. But something very exciting because Willow’s near and dear to my heart and my mind because he was my main thing before we made it in WWE.

"Then the third one is [to be] reunited with my brother. Whether it's here or over there, you know, and over there could be anywhere, because like you said, contracts expire, people get released, I mean, it happens all the time. So anything's possible man, in or outside of wrestling."

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