Jeff Hardy Still Suffering From Double Vision Following Eye Surgery

Jeff thinks he needs to wrestle more matches to come to grips with it better.

AEW star Jeff Hardy is still adjusting to things after undergoing eye surgery back in March. 

The Charismatic Enigma was a guest on a recent edition of his brother's The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast and revealed he still suffers from double vision nine months later.

"My biggest challenge has been the eye surgery I had back in March, the double vision, so that's still my biggest fear. I can see where I need to see. The double vision is still there. For example, leaning back in bed and trying to watch TV. Even looking at the camera now, it's doubling up on me a little bit. But to the left, it's where it all started. It's pretty much gone, so I can see where I need to in the wrestling ring. I just need to do more matches. More matches like tonight where I'm actually excited to go out there and perform," he said. 

The 46-year-old was most recently in action on the November 29 edition of Dynamite, teaming with Matt and Brother Zay in a loss to Action Andretti and Top Flight. 

Another televised loss may not have made Matt happy, as he recently complained about the booking of The Hardys.

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