Jesse Ventura Under Consideration As US Presidential Running Mate

Jesse Ventura potentially set to enter US politics again

Jesse Ventura could potentially be set to enter the world of US politics again, with it reported that the former Governor of Minnesota and WWE Hall of Famer could serve as Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s running mate in the forthcoming 2024 Presidential elections.

Kennedy - son of Bobby Kennedy and nephew of John F. Kennedy - is preparing to run as an independent candidate, after previously serving as a member of the Democrats until 2023. A report from NBC News suggests that both Ventura and former NFL quarterback Aaron Rogers are under consideration (amongst others) to run alongside Kennedy, per a spokesperson for Kennedy’s campaign.

Ventura served one term as Governor of Minnesota after a surprise election win in 1998, having run as a Reform Party candidate, changing his allegiance to the Independence Party of Minnesota partway through his term. Post-political career, Ventura has worked as a political commentator, and joined the Green Party in 2020, but is also known for his work surrounding conspiracy theories. Kennedy is a noted anti-vaccine campaigner and has also promoted conspiracy theories surrounding vaccines and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ventura did consider a presidential run of his own in 2020 but ultimately decided against it. 

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