Jim Johnston Recalls Being Fired From WWE By Vince McMahon

Johnston left WWE in 2017

Jim Johnston has opened up on his departure from WWE, saying that Vince McMahon 'fired' him from his role. 

Johnston worked closely with WWE for over 30 years, writing the theme songs for legendary talent such as Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and many more. 

Johnston departed WWE in 2017 and has said that, while officially his contract wasn't renewed, he was fired from the promotion.

Speaking on the RRBG podcast, Johnston said: "No, Vince fired me. He put it in that he wasn’t renewing my contract, but that’s semantics. Why? I don’t know. You’d have to ask him. It was time for me to go for me, so honestly, to some degree, he did me a favor. But still, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t mean, you’re not disappointed.

"After doing something for more than 30 years, the biggest obstacle I ran into is that its sort of like getting a divorce,” he said. “Where you’ve been with this person for 30 years and maybe it’s not all happy and perfect, but this has become the habit of your life.

"What you get up and do every day, what you spend all your time thinking about. To break that habit, it’s like, suddenly, one day your life is different.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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