Jim Ross: AEW All Out 2021 Was Close To WWE WrestleMania 17 For Me

JR thinks All Out was a landmark event

We are several weeks removed from AEW’s momentous All out 2021 PPV, with many heralding the show as the best in AEW history, and potentially one of the most important wrestling events of the past decade.

The enormity of the event has not been lost on veteran announcer Jim Ross, who has claimed the show gave him vibes similar to WWE WrestleMania X-Seven, regarded by many as the greatest PPV of all time:

"If your opinion says All Out was the best pay-per-view you ever saw, then that's your opinion and you have the right to it. The only pay-per-view I had more fun, exhilarating and full of emotion and feels - and I've been involved in a lot of great shows - I think WrestleMania 17 was the closest thing that came to me for the emotional investment of that broadcast. I don't know what that all means, but it means I had a hell of a good time and I thought the show was excellent and well booked. Tony Khan is a good booker. Sometimes, somebody has got to realise that he's really smart," Ross said on the Grilling JR podcast.

Ross followed up by saying he was pleased by the work he did alongside broadcast colleagues Excalibur and Tony Schiavone on the night, saying:

"I thought our call at All Out was really strong. I really loved the work and skill of Excalibur and Tony. They had a great night. I thought we melded well. People have to understand how hard it is for a three man booth to coexist without walking all over each other and not listening. You can disconnect the dots inadvertently because you weren't listening to what the guy said. I thought we had a real good night.”

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