Jim Ross: AEW Has Grown More In The Last Month Than At Any Other Time

Boom period for AEW

All Elite Wrestling is going through a mini-boom period at the moment. The company is moving tickets in major arenas like Arthur Ashe Stadium and the United Center, ratings are hovering around one million viewers and Tony Khan's promotion recently launched a second show, Rampage, on Friday nights.

AEW Commentator Jim Ross reflected on the promotion's growth on Grilling JR and the announcer believes AEW have grown more in the last month than at any other time. 

"The AEW brand has probably grown more and gained more notoriety in the last month than perhaps it has since the inception/launch. The ticket sales in Chicago, New York, these major markets where people can make decisions on doing a lot of different things are there. We're doing well, ticket sales are great. Chicago's events are going to be big-time, some major attractions and all that good stuff. I'm very excited about this. The potential for some dream matches, powerhouse cards exist for real. Our roster gets stronger, that's kind of what we're looking for," JR said.

Ross also commented on the success of Dynamite and how this allowed AEW to add Rampage to their weekly schedule. 

"The Time Warner folks are flexing their muscles and support of our brand. We're always going to be in some role on TNT, these specials which I perceive to be like a Clash of Champions type thing before we move full time over to TBS for Dynamite and then eventually for Rampage as well. It's the start of a new era. Will we have the same success and the same momentum building for our brand on Rampage as we have had on Dynamite and the Dynamite ratings have been phenomenal. Any time you're the number one show on cable on any given night, I don't give a s--t what your product is, it's a big deal. This is not going to be a [WCW] Thunder, in all due respect," he added.

"Continuing our new adventure of this brand, this rollout, this startup operation and how we're growing has been nothing short of extraordinary. We appreciate everybody at least giving us a chance to evaluate our product. It's not a wrestling war, the war is us against our own selves getting better and our talents getting better."

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