Jim Ross Believes Today's Wrestlers Are Too Compelled To Have Long Matches

Feels that epic length isn't a requirement...

Whether it's in WWE/NXT, AEW, or NJPW, or elsewhere, many wrestlers in today's top organizations have been inclined to produce hourglass-draining matches, so much so that sometimes they're almost an expectation.

Veteran announcer and administrator Jim Ross doesn't agree that long matches are an absolute must. He believes that today's wrestlers are convinced that if their matches aren't long enough, they can't tell the story they need to tell.

"I believe that even in AEW we have some match times that at times, appear to be too long," said Ross, on the latest edition of Grilling JR. "Guys are brainwashed, 'I got to have 15 minutes, I got to have 18.' Why? Are you not a good enough worker to tell your story in the time that you're assigned? Apparently not.

"I think that's a big fallacy in the business today is that you got to have 'x' number of minutes to tell your story. Where's that written down at? I don't agree with that philosophy."

(Credit to Wrestling Inc for transcription)

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