Jim Ross: I Don't See AEW Rampage Going To Two Hours

AEW Rampage will have an hour-long 'buy in' this week

Jim Ross has discussed the future of AEW's weekly television product, indicating he doesn't see AEW Rampage becoming a two-hour show in the future.

Rampage will go up against the final half-hour of WWE Friday Night SmackDown for ratings this week, with AEW announcing an hour-long 'buy-in' pre-show on YouTube for the Friday 15 episode, effectively making this week's show two hours long.

AEW commentator JR notes that the hour-long Rampage shows go by very quickly but doesn't see them becoming two hour shows any time soon, saying that AEW President Tony Khan knows the importance of keeping weekly television content tight and limited.

Speaking on this week's Grilling JR, he said: "That one hour show on Friday night seems like it flies by. I think that the one-hour format still has its place. Two would be my absolute limit unless you’re doing a PPV where people are paying more, and you get more on a PPV.

"I think the one-hour thing still works. I don’t see Rampage going to two hours. I don’t see any of Tony Khan’s over the air content ever going to three hours. Who the hell knows for sure, but I would be surprised if that ever happened.

"I think we’ve all learned good lessons about these three hour RAWs. It’s not done for artistic benefit. It’s done for the money. USA is paying a lot more money for that third hour of prime time television that’s live every week, but to me, it’s a little bit long."


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