Jim Ross Reveals Which WCW Star Vince McMahon Most Wanted In WWE

"He was just more invested in some others than not."

Jim Ross has revealed that, of all the talent in WCW, Vince McMahon was most interested in bringing Goldberg to WWE. 

Goldberg's booking and undefeated streak in WCW turned him into one of the company's most popular attractions but he would not immediately join WWE following WCW's closure, wrestling briefly in All Japan Pro Wrestling before finally signing for McMahon in 2003. 

Former WWE Head Of Talent Relations Ross, now working as an announcer for AEW, says Goldberg was the man that McMahon was most eager to bring to WWE, although that role would later be filled by another WCW icon - Sting. 

For Ross himself, the wrestlers were the other way around on his list. 

Speaking on the latest episode of Grilling JR, he said: "He was very interested in Goldberg. I don’t think he was not interested in any of those stars like Flair, Hogan, Sting, Nash, Scott Hall, he was just more invested in some others than not.

"If I had to say one guy, for me the one guy would’ve been Sting followed by Goldberg, for Vince it was Goldberg then Sting later on. I’m assuming this is somewhat accurate."

Goldberg would depart WWE in 2004 before eventually returning to the promotion in 2016.

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