Jinder Mahal Reveals Why Indus Sher Were Split Up, Discusses Future Plans For WWE Faction

Mahal has been aligned with Veer & Shanky since May

Jinder Mahal has revealed that the Indus Sher tag-team was split up because of some visa issues affecting Saurav, but is hopeful of adding him to his stable when he can finally get back to WWE.

Mahal returned to WWE television after a lengthy injury lay-off in May, and introduced Veer and Shanky as his new stablemates. Veer had been in a tag-team with Saurav, in Indus Sher, leaving fans wondering why the duo had been separated.

The former WWE Champion has now revealed that Saurav wasn't able to be involved due to visa problems, leading to Shanky taking his place, but would still like to have Saurav in his group when the time comes.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes at a UK Media Event, Mahal revealed: "So when I came back, I spoke to Vince about giving me the Indus Sher tag team, Saurav and Rinku, Veer and Saurav. Unfortunately, Saurav was in India, so I got Shanky.

"So it wasn’t the original plan, but, you know, making it work, and hopefully when Saurav makes it back. He’s dealing with some visa issues. I think once they get sorted, you know, let’s add more more to the group because the Indus Sher tag team in NXT, phenomenal, great look.

"Shanky is awesome too, he brings something special. Seven feet tall. But I think we get that tag team, we have Shanky, we have me like, even though we’re a group, we’re still different. You know, we dress different. We have different styles. Everything is different. So I think it’s a good, good group. So that’s one of the things didn’t get yet. But I’m hopeful that it will happen."

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