Joey Janela Pokes Fun At The Undertaker's 'Level Of Grit' Comments

Joey Janela jokes about The Undertaker

Appearing on True Geordie, The Undertaker was once again critical of WWE's current product, with The Phenom saying he thinks "a level of grit" is missing from modern WWE. 

The future WWE Hall Of Famer then revealed he believed this is because talent are motivated by "the superhero era" and "they didn't have to come up and bust heads in bars and figure out how they're gonna eat and things like that."

Seemingly poking fun at The Deadman - although he has claimed to be in 100% agreement with 'Taker - Joey Janela tweeted that no one will be allowed to join his wrestling school if he ever opens one unless they've been in at least two bar fights.  

"I 100% agree Mark! Lots of lame marvel geek talk in these locker rooms! If I ever open up a wrestling school before you have your first match you're gonna have to get in at least 2 bar fights with PROOF! By the way the avengers movies suck," Janela tweeted.

He then added: "I called Mark 'Taker' he said everything is good, was confused about 'The fake news' headlines as he called them. He agreed that the avengers movies are for virgins who have nothing to look forward to in life.. Just wanted to clear it up!"

Janela is currently a member of the All Elite Wrestling roster although he will leave the promotion when his contract expires on May 1. 

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