John Cena Teases WWE In-Ring Return

John Cena gives hints regarding his WWE future.

Last night's WWE Raw saw celebrations for the 20th anniversary of John Cena in WWE. Cena took to the ring to cut a promo during the show, and hinted at his WWE future in the process. 

Cena admitted that he didn't know when his next match would be - prompting the fans in attendance to chant "one more match." He then specified that when he returns, it won't just be for one more bout. 

He also had interactions backstage with a couple of current WWE Superstars, reminding Ezekiel not to forget who he really is. The more noteworthy confrontation was perhaps the one that followed, as Theory ran down Cena while talking up his own accomplishments.

Cena avoided further confrontation for now, slipping away while Theory attempted to take a selfie of the pair. There has been speculation for a while that we will eventually see a match between the two - although judging by Cena's unwillingness to escalate the situation on Raw, we could still be in the early stages of a much longer story. 

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