John Morrison Discusses Creative Freedom In WWE

It's a collaborative process

WWE has received criticism over the years for creating what many consider to be a somewhat creatively stifling environment, with the company's overly-scripted promos being marked out for condemnation. 

John Morrison has some creative freedom with The Miz in WWE, though, and he reflected on the process of putting together promos during a chat with TV Insider.

"Sometimes it's improv, but I would call it more collaborative. We're not going to talk or say anything without producers, agents, writers, Vince [McMahon]. As soon as we get anything, we read it and talk to each other. We may say, 'These lines are crap. Let's fix it the best way we can and then go talk to them about our fixes.' It's not good to be thrown into an office and just say something is garbage," Morrison said.

"You may say, 'You know what I like better is this other option.' We constantly do that. A writer or Vince may agree and say, 'This is better. But you know what would be even better? This.' It then evolves... Also, something that is lost on so many people is it takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable and be affected by something. Just being cognizant about that, which I wasn't during the first run. Doing improv and saying things. We are having fun, but we also work really hard on the promos. Everything you see on TV, it's a process."

The Miz and Morrison have been back together since Johnny Drip Drip returned to WWE in early 2020. They have since had one reign as SmackDown Tag Team Champions and they have feuded with the likes of Heavy Machinery, Bad Bunny and Bobby Lashley.

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