Jon Moxley: I'm Addicted To Fighting Nick Gage

The two have been on a collision course in GCW for months

AEW’s Jon Moxley made a surprise return to GCW this past weekend, defeating World Champion Matt Cardona for the title at Art of War Games.

Moxley didn’t have long to celebrate, as former champion Nick Gage arrived to let Mox know that Gage was next in line for the title.

After signing on for a match on October 9 in Atlantic City, Moxley said the following about long-term rival Gage: 

 “Madison Square Garden, Grand Slam Champion, all those f****** toys and posters, they don't mean s***. Getting mugged by fans in airports and hotels and arenas, don't mean s***, I don't like people anyway. It’s not the drug that I love, the drug I've been addicted to you for over a decade. Nicky, when you were in jail right, pacing and pacing around in a jail cell, I was pacing around in hotel rooms. I wanted that drug.

“We have unfinished business, we have a score to settle that is ten years old and I paced those hotel rooms and I prayed to God that you would get out one day so that we could settle that score. I tried to let it go, Spring Break I really tried to let it go. I tried to let you have your moment, but I just can't let it go. I want that drug, Nicky, the drug that only comes when me and you lock horns in the centre of the ring and there's no other ring it can take place in but GCW. The place where I am the king now. Do you think [the championship] really means anything to me? I'm going to make it mean something. If I want to go and become the greatest GCW World Champion of all time, I can do that because I'm just that good. I can make it look that easy.

"Do you know what this is to me, Nicky? This is bait. This is blood in the water and I wanted you to come hunting for me, sniff me out. You sniffed me out and you know exactly where I'll be in Atlantic City on October 9.”

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