Jon Moxley Recalls Learning Of His WWE Title Win & Roman Reigns' Suspension

All three SHIELD members held the title in one night

Jon Moxley’s new book ‘Mox’ has been the talk of the wrestling world all week with the former AEW and WWE Champion speaking candidly about his thoughts and experiences in pro wrestling. One major point in Moxley’s career was when he lifted his first world title, winning the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank 2016.

However, the background behind Moxley’s (then wrestling as Dean Ambrose) win was bittersweet, as Roman Reigns dropped the title to Seth Rollins due to an impending 30-day suspension for a violation of WWE”s wellness policy, before Ambrose cashed in MITB on Rollins, with all three former SHIELD members holding the title on the same night.

Leading up to the event, Moxley knew something was amiss:

“Somewhere around San Bernadino, I realised something was wrong. I could read it in Roman’s face. He vaguely alluded to something, some s*** was going down with Vince tomorrow, but I didn’t have any clue and I didn’t pry further,” wrote Moxley in the book.

After Roman received news of his suspension, he delivered the title news to Rollins and Ambrose.

“Roman, fresh from Vince’s office, finds Seth and me in the locker room. Nobody else is around. He has news. We stand in a triangle. ‘You up tonight,’ he said to Seth, ‘Dean cashes in.’ Roman went on to explain that he’d be serving a 30-day suspension for a discrepancy with the wellness policy. I don’t remember saying anything,” Moxley wrote.

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