Jon Moxley Reveals What Wrestling Fans Can Expect From His Book 'MOX'

Moxley's book is out next month in the US

Jon Moxley has revealed what wrestling fans can expect from his upcoming autobiography 'MOX'.

Moxley's book is due to be released in the United States next month and will be available in the United Kingdom towards the end of the year, and the All Elite Wrestling performer has revealed he wrote the book for wrestling fans but in a way that non-wrestling fans could still enjoy it.

Speaking on ‎Throwing Down with Renee & Miesha, Moxley said: "A lot of wrestling books, 90 per cent are going to read it anyway, wrestling fans. But, they still write it for non-wrestling fans. They over-explain what words mean, what terms are, who people are, what things are, what WWE is, like, you don’t have to explain what WWE is. Everyone knows. There’s a lot of insider terms. The hardcore wrestling fans, the majority of them will read the book.

"I wrote it with the idea of not playing down to them or over-explaining anything. But also, I thought it was a cooler way to make it accessible and fun for a non-wrestling fan.

"I wanted it to be like one night you were at a party and ended up with a bunch of wrestlers. It was just you and like three wrestling dudes or chicks, and you’re all hanging out. They were all talking to each other using these insider terms, or just talking about wrestling, and you were just kind of a fly on the wall, and you saw their passion for it and how they discussed it."


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