Jonathan Gresham: "My Heart Is With The Indies"

Jonathan Gresham enjoying his time on the independent wrestling scene

Jonathan Gresham's heart belongs to independent wrestling.

The Original ROH World Champion has been active on the indy wrestling scene since he was released from his ROH contract and The Octopus has performed for the likes of PROGRESS, Game Changer Wrestling, wXw, and his own promotion TERMINUS in recent months. 

Reports have noted Gresham is in talks with Tony Khan to wrestle for one or both of his promotions and WrestleTalk asked the ROH World Champion if he was open to signing a contract. 

"I'm looking to enjoy my career, I'm looking to enjoy what I'm doing right now. I have freedom, I'm wrestling for all these different companies, and it's just, wrestling is fun again. Wrestling was fun when I was contracted to Ring of Honor, but my heart is with the indies. I came from the indies, I learned my craft on the indies, and as long as I'm a part of it, I'll continue to learn and get better and enjoy myself. There's not a lot of restrictions, I can speak up without fear of repercussions or catching heat or whatever like that, and it's just refreshing. It's fun to wrestle the new guys that are coming up with fresh ideas, so I'm just enjoying it right now," Gresham said.

Regardless of if he signs a contract or not, Gresham will be in action at ROH Supercard Of Honor on April 1 when he will face Bandido to crown an Undisputed ROH World Champion. 

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