Josh Alexander On Competing In IMPACT Wrestling's X-Division: "You Need Variety And I Am That Variety"

The Walking Weapon has wrestled the likes of TJP, Chris Bey and Ace Austin in recent weeks

Since the dissolution of The North and Ethan Page's departure from IMPACT Wrestling, Josh Alexander has primarily focussed his attention on the X-Division. The Walking Weapon has competed against the likes of Trey Miguel, Ace Austin and Chris Bey and he unsuccessfully challenged TJP for the title on the February 16 episode of IMPACT. 

Alexander isn't your typical X-Division wrestler, but he noted on The Angle Podcast that the division needs variety and he is that variety. 

After being asked what it would mean to win the X-Division title, Alexander said: "It would be one of the biggest things on my bucket list bar none... I can keep up with all these X-Division guys. I see all the comments and the naysayers. All these people saying that they hate that this non-X-Division guy like Josh Alexander is being put into X-Division matches. Listen, I promise you I can do a Shooting Star Press, I can do a 450, I just don't need to. All these other guys are doing it. 

"And all these small guys, you understand, I'm a great base. So I can keep up with them. I have the gas tank to keep up with them and I can also help put their moves over even more... It's just gonna make for better matches and it makes for a great contrast. Because if you have me in the ring with somebody like Chris Bey who I outweigh by 60 pounds, but we're moving at the same speed and he has to do even more to take me down, we're telling a different story than having two liken people together. So you need variety and I am that variety in the X-Division."

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