Josh Alexander Reveals His IMPACT Contract Expiring Was An Angle

Alexander claimed his IMPACT contract had expired in storyline

Josh Alexander made his triumphant IMPACT Wrestling return at Sacrifice, announcing he had signed a new contract with the promotion.

‘The Walking Weapon’ had announced that his contract had expired in February, with IMPACT EVP Scott D’Amore sending Alexander home on IMPACT Wrestling TV on February 10. However, in conversation with Sean Ross Sapp and Jimmy Van on The List & Ya Boy, Alexander revealed the whole saga was merely an angle:

"We agreed [a new deal] in principle and when my contract expired, we agreed before I had a chance to talk with anybody else. I knew where I wanted to stay and what I wanted to do," Alexander began.

"I wanted this to happen from the get-go," Alexander continued. "I knew I wanted to stay with IMPACT because I'm clearly happy there, there's a lot stuff going on there, I just want to wrestle, I don't care where I wrestle as long I do what I get to do at the highest level and all this other stuff. It all materialised and came together pretty quickly. The whole work of the whole thing is that IMPACT has had this reputation of losing marquee talent time and time again. Me, being a babyface, I approached management and said, 'If I'm staying, why don't we make a thing out of it that I chose to stay at IMPACT.' I probably could have gone somewhere else and could have gotten a job somewhere else, but I didn't want to, so I wanted to amplify that. Not just for me, but for the whole brand of IMPACT and the fans.”

IMPACT have been clearly been building their long-term future around Alexander, and he wasn’t ready to move elsewhere:

“There was a 1% chance I wasn't going to re-sign with IMPACT,” Alexander said. “My relationship with everybody there, from management all the way through the locker room, I feel like I'm part of something that's growing and on the ground floor and we've all got room to grow together. I'm a loyal person and a team player, I've been that way my whole life."

Earlier in the interview, Alexander mentioned that his recent visa problems were not part of the storyline and were 100% legitimate:

"This visa stuff is legitimate, 100%, I've seen people comment and say 'that was all a work too just to make it seem more legit.' Like most things in my career, it was a circumstantial thing that happened to amplify this one thing and benefit it. I would never cancel a booking, ever, that's not in me to do. I had to cancel two shows for that because of legitimate visa issues with lawyers and stuff that is way over my pay grade. That was unfortunate. It all got handled now. I'm back in the States and have a new visa and everything else," Alexander said.

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