Josh Alexander’s IMPACT Contract Expiring Next Year, Wants To Work In NJPW

“There’s benefits and there’s other things here and there – there’s stuff to think about.”

Josh Alexander has the biggest match of his career this weekend when the former X Division Champion takes on IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage at IMPACT Bound For Glory, but The Walking Weapon is going into this bout with only four months left on his contract.

In conversation with The Metro, Alexander spoke of his love and loyalty to IMPACT, but stated that he needs to do what’s best for his family:

“I’m extremely loyal. That’s just how I am! Growing up, I didn’t have any family so I found that when I had comfortable relationships with people I knew I could build trust with, that’s trust I’m gonna have forever. IMPACT’s no different, everybody there from management down – I love everybody there. And then there’s the other question of – it’s just a balance. I wanna wrestle, I need to wrestle.

“IMPACT’s the perfect spot for me to do that, I’m very happy with that, but also I have to support my family. So there’s things to think about there.”

Like most wrestlers, Alexander has his own ‘bucket list’ of what he wants to achieve in the industry, and stated he wants to wrestle in Japan:

“There’s things I wanna do on my bucket list, like I wanna wrestle in Japan and if I were to go to a different company, I know that might not happen. There’s a lot of dream scenarios for me in New Japan because I have not wrestled in Japan yet and that is the one place that has eluded me, and I think I would be very successful. It bothers me, so a lot of those dream matches for me fall into that.”

With his IMPACT contract set to expire in February 2022 Alexander has one eye on the future, but sees himself staying in IMPACT:

“So, there’s benefits and there’s other things here and there – there’s stuff to think about. I can certainly see myself wrestling in IMPACT for the rest of my life, if everything breaks right.”

Alexander has wrestled for NJPW STRONG in 2021, and with IMPACT and New Japan enjoying a working relationship, then the possibilities of The Walking Weapon wrestling for NJPW in Japan are high.

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