Karl Anderson Critical Of ROH's Hiatus

ROH is set to return in April with Supercard of Honor XV

Ring of Honor’s self imposed hiatus for the first quarter of 2022 rocked the wrestling industry, with ROH releasing all their contracted stars ahead of their temporary closure.

Even though most people wrote off ROH’s chances of coming back, the game-changing indie is set to return for Supercard of Honor XV on April 1, but former ROH star Karl Anderson isn’t impressed with how they’ve handled business, saying on the Talk’n Shop podcast:

“I look at it like this: I don’t know if they’ll take it this way but I look at it like, ROH, I know they paid everybody through the pandemic, right? And so did mostly everybody. WWE fired some people but they keep bragging how they paid people through the pandemic. Well, f****** congratulations, good for you. But then what happened? You gave up and you quit and you fired everybody and you’re saying you’re gonna have this big comeback in April. I mean what are you gonna do? You’re just gonna - who are you gonna bring in?

“I know one thing, if I was one of those main-event guys or something, I wouldn’t come back in for half my price. If I was an ROH guy, it’d make me - you [Doc Gallows] know me pretty well, I think the fans know I would say I got two birdies for ‘em. I wouldn’t go back there unless they called me and told me, you know, explained everything that’s going on and paid me properly. I don’t know. If I was the ROH guys, I’d move on. ‘All right, you guys did that to me, great. I’m moving on, I’m making my way’ just like broski [Matt Cardona] has done and just like The Good Brothers have done. You gotta have some balls about it and move the f*** on. That’s just my opinion on Ring of Honor.”

Anderson made several appearances for ROH during his career, especially during the height of his run with the cross promotional Bullet Club.

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