Kayden Carter: NXT Is More Hard-Hitting Wrestling Than The WWE Main Roster

Carter worked on WWE Raw and Main Event last year

Kayden Carter believes the style of wrestling in NXT is more in keeping with the independent scene, and more hard-hitting than what is seen on the WWE main roster.

Carter has been with WWE since the 2018 Mae Young Classic and has regularly featured on NXT alongside Kacy Catanzaro during that time, but did make a few appearances on WWE Monday Night Raw at the start of the Pandemic Era.

Carter worked against Asuka and Charlotte on the main roster scene, an experience she really enjoyed, but believes there is a notable difference between NXT and the main roster.

Appearing on Table Talk, Carter said: "I got a little taste of it, I got to up there at the beginning of COVID and did Main Event against Asuka, Raw against Asuka and Charlotte. I got to work with the top girls, skip the line, and experience that. It was really awesome. Those ladies are unbelievably talented and it was a good experience.

"At the same time, I really love wrestling and I was bred in school and started watching it and doing it in the Indies, I feel like I love wrestling and NXT is more of that hard-hitting wrestling and it's a different focal point. Everyone's dream is to go to the main roster. 

"Either way, I'll be happy, but as of right now, I'm really happy in NXT just being able to wrestle and do what I love to do."

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