Kazuchika Okada Doesn't Think He Has Much Longer Left As An Active Wrestler

Is the clock ticking for Kazuchika Okada?

New Japan Pro Wrestling star Kazuchika Okada still has some goals to accomplish before hanging up his boots. Although, according to 'The Rainmaker' himself, that might not be too far in the future. 

Speaking with Number about his desire to bring NJPW to the world by exceeding the efforts of the company's late founder Antonio Inoki, Okada said:

"People might say, 'It's impossible to surpass Mr. Inoki', but I think we have no choice but to make pro wrestling more exciting. First of all, when Mr. Inoki was competing, we were able to fill Tokyo Dome to capacity. After getting the number of spectators back, and now that we have video distribution on the internet, we would like to spread the word about professional wrestling in a different way.

"Mr. Inoki used to be focusing on overseas strategy and trying to bring New Japan's professional wrestling to the world, but now times have changed and there are many New Japan fans overseas through the Internet. I would like to go beyond what Inoki-san has done in that way. I don't think I have that much time left as an active [wrestler] either, so I want to do my best." 

The 35-year-old may have a match with Adam Copeland (FKA Edge) before he calls it a day, with the WWE Hall of Famer naming the five-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion as someone he wants to wrestle. 

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