Keith Lee Discusses The Challenges Of Wrestling In Empty Arenas

Not the most glorious set of circumstances...

Wrestling without fans in attendance has become the norm for WWE and NXT for close to two months now, and the difficulties have been obvious. Besides providing a a less-optimum viewing experience for the television audience, the predicament is tough on the performers themselves that take part in the filming.

NXT North American champion Keith Lee spoke with Gamespot on these sorts of challenges, and how the lack of a crowd can actually take its toll physically on the wrestlers.

"There's a bit of a void when it comes to not having the crowd for that initial level of adrenaline," said Lee. "So not having them there takes away a little bit of electricity. It makes it slightly difficult and a little different experience. So there's that lack of adrenaline. 

"Things often hurt even more than usual because I don't have such a wide array of people kind of uplifting me. I tried to explain to fans how much they mean to me, but I don't know if it gets across."

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Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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