Keith Lee Hits Trademarking Issues Over His Ring-Name Because Of WWE's Prior Application

A potential conflict for Keith Lee and WWE

Keith Lee is reportedly facing issues trademarking his own ring-name because of prior applicants to do the same thing by WWE.

It was reported back in December, that Lee applied to trademark his name for usage as a pro wrestler. However, the former NXT Champion is now facing issues with getting the trademark accepted. 

HeelByNature.com is reporting that a notice was sent to Lee's attorney on Monday 21 June which said there were two issues with the application one of which was a prior-pending application for the name filed by WWE.

Lee’s own application to trademark his name included several screenshots from websites which proves he has been using the name since 2008. However, The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) say the included screenshots only identifies the name of a specific individual, and does not 'function as a service mark to identify and distinguish' any particulars.

The note read: "A mark in a prior-filed pending application may present a bar to registration of applicant’s mark. The filing date of pending U.S. Application Serial No. 88594009 precedes applicant’s filing date."

WWE have run into issues themselves trying to trademark Keith Lee's name. WWE now until September to provide a signed consent form from Lee to move forward with their application. On the flip side, in order for Lee to be granted the trademark, WWE’s filing must be abandoned and then cancelled.

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