Kevin Kelly Planning To Sue AEW

Kevin Kelly is going to sue AEW

Kevin Kelly's run with All Elite Wrestling came to an acrimonious end in March 2024, with it being noted that Kelly was released from his contract following erratic behaviour on social media. This behaviour saw Kelly claim that ROH commentator Ian Riccaboni "libelled" him over Kelly's promotion of anti-child trafficking and its close links with QAnon. Kelly's performance at the AEW Collision commentary desk was also reportedly considered sub-par. 

Now, Kelly has told Eric Bischoff on Wise Choices that he plans to sue All Elite Wrestling over his firing. After Bischoff asked if Kelly planned to sue the promotion, the former AEW commentator answered, "Yes, of course. Have to." 

Kelly also detailed, from his point of view, how his AEW exit came together. Kelly noted that he contacted AEW HR over Riccaboni's comments about him and Human Resources later told him that a disciplinary committee had handled the situation but Kelly wasn't allowed to know the decision since it was a private matter. 

Kelly, frustrated by this decision, spoke with an AEW psychiatrist before he called HR to leave a heated message and took shots on social media. This ultimately led to his firing by AEW. 

"I don't remember what I said, but I'm sure it was stiff...I got let go for the things I was saying publicly about the company on social media and the voice message I had left for the nice HR lady," Kelly added.

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