EXCLUSIVE: Rickey Shane Page Says A Lot Of Wrestling Promoters Are Buying Shows When They Should Be Buying Tickets

Rickey Shane Page speaks to Cultaholic

Rickey Shane Page has been critical of wrestling promoters, saying many of them should be buying tickets instead of putting together their own events.

Speaking exclusively with Cultaholic Wrestling's Tom Campbell, Page revealed how he became involved with Burning Heart Pro Wrestling. 

"I'm just such good friends with all the people from the UK from over the years of coming over here so many times. Zack Gibson now lives in the 'States so I see him if I go down to Florida to visit some friends and this is something, all of us, have talked about for years, especially when the scene in the UK kind of took a dive. We knew there was a gap in the market, in the 'States as well. Good wrestling has a market and we know good wrestling and we want to make wrestling for wrestlers and for fans that like wrestling. It's going to be hard-hitting, and fast-paced, and fun, and entertaining," Page stated.

"This is your clickbait right here. I was saving this line for a promo but I'm going to give it to you. A lot of wrestling promoters are buying shows when they should be buying tickets. They're just fans and they're running shows and that's great, we need that. But I will say this as a call to all those kind of promoters, get a booker. Get a wrestler or someone that knows the business to book the shows for you. I know that's the fun part, and listen if you want to be the one who says this guy, this guy, this guy, sure, but let a wrestler put it together and write it. Booker and promoter are two different jobs and people forget that."

Rickey Shane Page is one of the key people behind Burning Heart Pro Wrestling, a new promotion that will hold their first shows later this week. Other names behind the new company are Zack Gibson and James Drake of Grizzled Young Veterans and TNA's George Iceman. 

Burning Heart Pro Wrestling will hold their inaugural event on Friday, June 21 at the Liverpool Olympia. The promotion will then hold two more shows, first in Wolverhampton on Saturday, June 22 before they head to Swansea on Sunday, June 23. Cultaholic's Tom Campbell will be the ring announcer for all three events. 

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