Kevin Nash Claims WCW Ended Goldberg's Streak Because Fans Began To Turn On Him

Kevin Nash claims fans turning on Goldberg necessitated WCW ending the streak

It was the cattle prod blast heard around the world at WCW Starrcade 1998, when Scott Hall zapped Goldberg, allowing Kevin Nash to hit a jackknife powerbomb to end Goldberg’s famed undefeated streak and lift the WCW World Heavyweight Championship for the first time.

The ending of Goldberg’s streak was seen at the time as a misstep by WCW, but as Nash explained on the Kliq This podcast, WCW felt the fans were starting to turn against Goldberg and a defeat would help him maintain his momentum:

“Like if we’d go to the northeast they were booing Bill," Nash said. “It wasn’t like all of a sudden, it was like, ‘We have to beat Bill.’ It was like, ‘Bill’s starting to be the Yankees.’ Bill’s starting to beat the Yankees… nobody wanted the Patriots to beat the [1972] Dolphins f***in’ record.”

Nash was part of a booking committee during this time, and was seen by many as the head booker of WCW. The ending of Goldberg’s streak would be the least egregious part of this whole story, as just one week later he’d lose the belt to Hollywood Hogan and the infamous ‘fingerpoke of doom’, widely seen by many as the start of WCW’s terminal decline. Former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan has in the past criticised the outcome of Starrcade 98, and has given his own thoughts on how the streak should've ended.

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