Kevin Nash Recalls Being So Annoyed At CM Punk He Nearly Went Into Business For Himself

The WWE Hall of Famer talks about his anger towards CM Punk in their 2011 angle.

On the latest edition of his podcast, Kliq This, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has spoken about his anger towards CM Punk during their 2011 angle.

The incident in particular came during Punk and Nash's confrontation on Raw - following Nash's attack on Punk at SummerSlam 2011, which directly led to him losing the WWE Championship to Alberto Del Rio.

An often-quoted promo line from Punk apparently got under Nash's skin when, in claiming that his sister had texted him about Nash's run-in, Punk said "OMG Kevin Nash, WTF, thought he was dead LOL." 

On his podcast, Nash revealed his thoughts: "I have no verbiage. I'm told not to say anything. As soon as he says that, I'm thinking to myself 'Okay, I cost you the world title [...] and you come through the curtain and you stand 250 feet away from me? Like, you don't come down and attack me? You verbally attack me?'"

However, Nash credits his relationship with Triple H with preventing him from saying or doing something he'd later regret. Nash claims Triple H was "instrumental" in bringing him back into the fold in 2011. He also explains that he didn't want to tarnish his reputation by doing anything unprofessional, perhaps jeopardising his chances of a WWE Hall of Fame induction (which he did achieve in 2015.)

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