Kevin Nash Unhappy With WWE Dismantling Triple H's NXT

Triple H’s NXT was drastically changed in late 2021

After taking control of WWE Creative, Triple H got straight to work re-hiring  and re-pushing several talents who he took under his wing when he ran NXT.

The classic black and gold brand was ruthlessly retooled and changed in late 2021 after the ‘loss’ of the Wednesday Night Wars to AEW with many of Triple H’s pet projects either wasted on WWE’s main roster, or cut from the company. Speaking on the Kliq This podcast, Triple H’s close friend Kevin Nash spoke of Triple H’s strengths as a leader, and how the dismantling of NXT upset ‘Big Sexy’:

"He's got an eye for talent, that's for sure. Look at the people that he's kind of hand-picked and pushed up on the WWE product on Raw. Every time one of them went up there, man it was just like, 'how quick can we dismantle what got him over and f*** this dude up?' It was just like when he got sick when he had the heart episode. They couldn't f****** get down there and dismantle what he had built in NXT quick enough. I thought that was f***** up, man,” said Nash.

With triple H heading up WWE Creative, NXT 2.0 is now being ran by fellow Kliqmate Shawn Michaels, but Nash revealed that Michaels wouldn’t reveal what the impetus of NXT’s change was down to:

"I don't f****** know. I asked Shawn about it and he was just like - Shawn is so changed. He's just not a s*** disturber anymore. He does his job, he does it well and he does the best he can and he goes home to his family,” continued Nash.

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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