Kevin Owens Says He Has "No Relationship" With CM Punk

Kevin Owens is uncaring towards CM Punk

CM Punk had a lot of enemies when he returned to WWE at the back end of 2023, with a few of these being made light of on television, namely with Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre, who have both shared multiple intense interactions with Punk on RAW. Someone else who hasn’t been quiet on his dislike for Punk is Kevin Owens, and the pair were briefly shown facing off backstage following Punk’s return to the company. 

When speaking to Gorilla Position over WrestleMania 40 weekend, Owens was asked about his relationship with Punk now that the Second City Saviour has been back for several months.

"We have no relationship. We're not each other's type of people, I don't think. There's like a ten foot vicinity that if we enter in, we have to kind of, 'Hey,' 'Hey.' Otherwise, we just don't, and that's fine. It's perfectly fine the way it is.”

Owens went on to say he doesn’t know nor does he care whether Punk is now a changed man. 

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