Killer Kross Hoped To Drop The WWE NXT Title To Kyle O’Reilly

Kross eventually lost the title to Samoa Joe

Whilst Karrion Kross was mowing through the NXT roster during his dominant second run as NXT Champion, it seemed like no-one would be able to take the championship out of his hands.

Eventually, a returning Samoa Joe ended Kross’ reign at NXT TakeOver 36. But according to Kross himself, if he had it his way he’d have dropped it to Kyle O’Reilly, saying the following during a virtual signing on the Highspots Wrestling Network:

“No, I don’t think Kyle O’Reilly’s underrated. I was actually — I don’t know. We [Kross & Scarlett Bordeaux] were always talking about — it’s not up to us but like ideally, if we wanted to lose the belt to anyone, we actually were hoping it was gonna be Kyle O’Reilly because it would have complemented his story arc. He was supposed to be the one that kind of broke out of Undisputed [ERA] and he was — you know what I mean? And we were building in that direction. We just would’ve been cool [with that happening]. They had me undefeated for, you know, over a year and to put him over clean to pass off all the momentum I think would have been the best-case scenario in our opinion.”

Kross was released from WWE in November 2021, with his 90-day no compete clause expiring earlier this week.

H/T: POST Wrestling

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