King Woods Wants To Speak WWE WrestleMania Match With Cesaro Into Existence

A new target for Woods

King Woods has revealed his new desire in WWE is to face Cesaro in a match at WrestleMania. 

Having claimed the King Of The Ring, his greatest want in professional wrestling, Woods has now turned his attention to a potential match with The Swiss Superman.

Speaking to SportsKeeda Wrestling, Woods said: "So, I haven't put this one into existence yet, but it's something that I really want, and I want it really bad. I want a WrestleMania match with Cesaro. Like, I want us to fight, not to the death, but tooth and nail, something nasty and gritty at a WrestleMania.

"That, to me, is my; I'd poop my pants if that happened. Hopefully not during the match, at least. Well, I don't want to poop my pants at all. Backtrack that! I would love that. That, to me, would be my next thing to get.

"It's weird to say titles. Like, I want all the titles at all times, like if I had felt like, here is a title match with Roman. Of course, that is what I want. The match with Shinsuke; that is what I want. But to have a match with Shinsuke, then I'd have to bring back the white leather, and there's a whole thing with that.

"But yeah, having a match with Cesaro at WrestleMania with some meaning behind it would be my magic wand, 'what would you do if you could' (thing)."

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