Kofi Kingston Doesn't Think Former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar Gets The Credit He Deserves For Having A Mind For The Business

The Beast has a brain too...

Brock Lesnar has carved out a Hall Of Fame career for himself in WWE. He is an eight-time world champion and has previously won the Money In The Bank Ladder match and the Royal Rumble, defeating the likes of The Undertaker, John Cena, The Rock, Roman Reigns, and CM Punk along the way.

In recent months, The Beast has received more and more praise within the industry for his mind for the business and how he is able to create angles and moments which garner big crowd reactions. A notable example was the Men's Royal Rumble match in which he eliminated 13 Superstars before being Claymore Kicked over the top rope by Drew McIntyre to a crescendo of noise. 

During a recent interview with Alex McCarthy on talkWRESTLING, former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston was asked about his moment with Lesnar in the Rumble and he said he doesn't think Lesnar will ever get the credit he deserves for having a mind for the business. 

"Yeah, definitely. I think a lot of people don't understand," Kofi said. "You see Brock Lesnar on TV and you obviously see The Beast, you see a man who is physically daunting, physically dominating, but he has an awesome mind for the business and I feel like he will never get that credit that he deserves for that. You know, someone doesn't get to be in WWE for decades without having a great mind and you see a lot of times Paul Heyman being the mouthpiece and you think Brock has a very small part in that role, but he has a very big part. He actually does, like I said, have a very very intelligent wrestling mind, [he] understands what business is, if you know what I’m saying, in terms of building stuff."


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